Ingenuity and Creativity

Ingenuity and Creativity

Mural on a school of trees, sun, clouds, birds and a rainbow made of brightly coloiured plastic bottle caps

Mural made of bottle caps

Participating in the Social Justice Repair Kit project was an incredibly rewarding experience. The project showed concretely how much impact we can have on youth in various countries and contexts when we give agency to community groups who are close to and working with youth.

The ingenuity of the project teams resulted in so many different ideas and implementations - things that worked for particular groups and inspired new ideas for other groups.

SJRK Resources

Many brightly coloured sticky notes on a red wall. There is writing on the sticky notes but it’s not legible.

Resources created and used by partners in the Social Justice Repair Kit

Just like in a collaborative surprise drawing, we combined our ideas in ways we didn’t plan and the results were unexpected.

Collaborative surprise drawing

Two drawings of fantastical creatures made collaboratively by the project team.

Creatures drawn by the project team without knowing what the whole would look like.

When we look at all the work we’ve done for our project, we see the similarities and differences and how the combination of pieces has created a greater whole.

Bee House

A small house shaped structure with sections that are filled with various materials such as tiny bricks, pinecones and sticks where bees can nest.

Home for native bees in an organic garden in Colombia