SJRK CARTAGENA, our story…

SJRK CARTAGENA, our story…


The city of Cartagena - Colombia, has a population close to 1,036,412 inhabitants according to the projection of municipal population by area developed by the DANE, of which 269,442 are young people between 14 and 28 years old, who represent 26.29% of the general population. We emphasize that the majority of these young people are Afro-descendants and most do not know the levels of realization of their rights, living situations of inequality and social injustice.

In the Social Justice Repair Kit project, we seek to raise awareness of social diversity in the city of Cartagena through the narration of stories of significant and positive lives of young people living in the city, and in this regard, it was very important to contact youth, youth groups or youth organizations that will develop social, cultural or political activism in the city.

It was not easy for the project to identify youth organizations or groups that develop a cultural, social or political activism in the city. On the one hand, the government institutions in charge of working with young people did not have a database with the updated information of young people at that time, we had to use the snowball technique based on the information we had of some groups or young people contacted, those who referred us to others and thus managed to contact several of them. This situation gave relevance to the actions developed from the project and think of actions that contribute to remedy that problem .. * the lack of information (timely, truthful, reliable) about youth groups in the city ..


The young people who told their stories have situations of social and political inequality in common, and to cope with this they mobilize their own and community resources to promote the guarantee of the rights of the youth in their community. This work, which is not easy, is the product of social fragmentation and polarization manifested by the apathy and indifference of some young people in the face of defending their rights.

Therefore, young people recognize in telling their stories a valuable tool to make known that we are different, recognizing in the other life experiences that allowed them to move forward despite difficulties or problems, being inspiring for other young people.

To give visibility to the stories from the project, a virtual platform called “cué” was created, enabling timely and reliable data on young people or youth organizations that develop a social activism, making known the type of activity they carry out, population they work with, location among others ..


In the development of the project we learned the importance of the articulation of the different disciplines in the achievement of a common objective and in this case of a social nature ... professionals in audiovisual production, systems engineering, psychology among others we articulate knowledge in the identification, formulation and elaboration of the stories being the young active protagonists and the central axis articulated of the actions…

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